Public health focus of preventive medicine and health promotion. It deals with subtopics of epidemiology, biostatistics, family health, occupational health, environmental health, health management and health promotion. Undergraduates are being taught principles of public health medicines in year 1 and its application in health services to the community in year 4. Clinical epidemiology is being taught in year 5.

In year 1, students are exposed to the fundamentals of epidemiology and biostatistics. The approach is more time for practical and discussion rather than didactic classroom lecture.

In year 4, students are brought to Ministry of Health Malaysia health and medical facilities. They were exposed to various public health services such as Communicable Disease Control unit, Non Communicable Control unit, Environmental Health, Occupational Health, International Health and Primary Care centres. They will visit rural areas in Pahang and experience them self all the hardships faced by people in remote villages.


Year 4 need to conduct a community research. They will learn the complete process of doing a research from prioritizing research topic, planning for data collection, data collection proper, data analysis, presentation of research finding and executing the intervention programme in the community.

They will be also exposed to Evidence Based Medicine where they will learn how to appraise medical articles.